2021-2022: Annual Stewardship Renewal!

22 Sep 2021 – 31 Aug 2022 PDT

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The Sermon on the Mount (the Beatitudes) is a "blueprint" of how to be blessed, to be objectively happy and to become the saints we are called to be. Living out our Catholic faith prayerfully, responsibly, and generously is how we share in the life of the "blessed." The last 18 months have been tremendously challenging for each of us in varied ways, along with our beloved parish of St. Joseph’s! We must always remember that Jesus is here, to “rejoice and be glad” in all circumstances, participate in the Sacraments, and find the Lord through service and in our everyday lives.

Our 2021-2022 Annual Stewardship Renewal (when we make our annual plan for prayer, service, and generosity) is not an ordinary Stewardship Renewal! Instead, we are looking for everyone to participate, in some way. Everyone can offer prayer, contemplate how to serve, and offer his/her generosity as they are able. Have a new idea, a ministry, or work that you would like to have in our parish? Tell us. This coming year, 2021-2022, we want to "rejoice and be glad!" and we can do this with our Renewal.

What are the steps of participating in our Stewardship Renewal? First, we should gratefully consider all that God has given us: our very existence, our families, our careers, our skills, our charisms (gifts of the heart), and all our resources. Next, we should prayerfully decide what our personal response will be to God’s goodness. Then, we will fill out the Renewal Form - there is a space to offer your ideas as well! Through this process, we plan how to pray gratefully, serve responsibly, and give generously.

If you are struggling with your faith at this time or need help from your church in some way, please email us at info@stjmod.com, and we will do our best to help you.

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My plan to pray gratefully includes:

Spirituality Stewardship

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I am not sure what ministries are best for me, but I want to serve responsibly

Give Generously

"Give to the Most High as he has given to you, generously, according to your means, for the Lord is one who always repays, and He will give back to you sevenfold." Sirach 35:9-10

Our parish priests and staff care about our families and parishioners. We want to help you in any way we can. Just let us know what you need.